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Victory shall yet be mine?

(*Note: You may have read on my husband's journal that the home inspector found plentiful and active mold growth in our soon-to-be-house. If not... now you know).

The Seller has agreed to our terms for removal and remediation of the mold. In other words - they are going to pay for the contractor of OUR choice to kill the moldies, and then they will pay for us to re-test the mold levels in the house. Hehe! Yay! We can has winning?

I am having the most fucking fun right now. I put on my awesome workout/quigong/walking clothing (lime green comfy sports bra and grey sweat-capris... and then I immediately sat down in front of this computer and started eating cheesy poofs. Seriously, I feel fantastic. I'll still be exercising this evening, so no fussing. Fuck, I'm so comfortable with my body these days I have no reservations whatsoever about sitting here in my gym clothes all night long, should I desire to do so.

In general, I've been feeling well. The work drama had entirely blown over by the time I got to work today, and since neither of my Minions were around to be asking questions I had a peaceful Monday to myself. Ahhhh.

Hmmm.. what else... I got to talk to Lisa on Saturday (Yay! We sure know how to cram a lot of girl talk into a small period of chatting). And I had a Wegmans lunch with Work!Jenn. And then I went out for a MIRACULOUS Indian meal with Parker and his Posse. On Sunday, Parker and I went to see Forbidden Kingdom. I love the Monkey King.

Anyway, Friday and Saturday were very social days for me. I took Saturday night off. What did I decide to do with my night? Laundry. Yup, laundry. The laundro-mat (sp??) was all-but empty. I sat, I read my book (Stranger in a Strange Land... whoever it was that "loaned" this book to me... Thanks! Do you want it back when I'm done, whoever you are?), I was contented. The feeling continued well into Sunday.

Note to any interested parties- The housewarming party is going to have to be pushed back somehow. First, I highly doubt we will be closing by the original date. Second, everyone in town seems to be busy on the 9th. I will keep you all posted.

I warn again, my journal will be going friends only soon (like, tonight). I think I've got everyone friended now. Last call for Kate.

Time to move.

The unthinkable

Sometime in the next 48 hours, I will friends-lock my journal. Anyone not on my friends list who wishes to be added may comment to this effect. *huggles*

Vent! Grump!

I have just enough time to vent before gaming (blessed gaming).

Stupid damn people at work! The chain of command at that firm is so god damn convoluted and broken! Bah! I am not taking the blame for this one, no ma'am! Point that finger in some other direction, mean person! Can we focus on solutions for once instead of pointing fingers? Huh? Wouldn't that be a nice change? Communication!??!??! Please!?!???!!!! Bah!

And also... Bah!

I am so mad at myself and Nick! We are idiots and assholes and I don't know which of us is worse sometimes! And I don't know which things in particular I should be mad about (I can think of so many reasons... some of which are entirely contradictory)... I just know I feel angry! Angry! Bah!

...I need to lay off the caffeine. Have a nice night everyone.

May. 29th, 2008

Parker and I had a nice weekend together. In fact, the 3 day weekend was one of the best vacations I've had since my glorious maternity leave. And the week flew by. I was a busy worker bee. My Temp!Minion continues to be fun to work with (she is so damned young and enthusiastic), and is learning well. I am building my supervisory/administrative skills as best I can.

Meanwhile, I've been bitten in the ass by some negative emotions this week. Not as bad as pre-hospitalization, but still not desirable. Partially this was a consequence of my new meds leveling off (Damn, I want the fucking euphoria back. I am being SO good not upping my dosage on my own).

But mostly, I think, I was feeling bad because I'd made some piss-poor decisions the week before, gotten myself back into the mental/emotional entanglement that was tearing me apart in the first place. I realize now that, perhaps, I am not as resolved and single-minded in my current course of action as I would like. In other words, maybe I never LEFT the emotional entanglement to begin with - I just took a vacation from it. *sigh* But look at how I am remaining in-touch with my inner emotions and recognizing the need for emotional honesty.

Anyway... I stepped back, cut myself some slack, and engaged in as many positive behaviors as I could manage. All of this has paid off, and I feel much less like shit now. I now have perspective from which to engage in the "emotional honesty" mentioned above.

...This post was all a bunch of mumbo jumbo! Totally vague. Probably not even entertaining. But I like journaling, so here I am.

*hugs for friends* Do any of you need anything out there? Or, does anyone want anything from me? I can never tell how to do nice things for people anymore! Teach me so that I may add to the happiness of my friends.

May. 26th, 2008

Regarding the housewarming party: none of you would be "crashing" it as you are ALL cordially invited. I will even go ahead and pick a date, such that you can put it in your schedule.

August 9th.

(Any strong objections to this date? It is still early enough to change it, obviously).

If anyone from out of town is looking for an end-of-summer vacation spot, may I recommend the scenic Buffalo area? Minutes away from Niagara falls, and only 2 hours away from exciting Toronto! Ample floor space is available for all (+blankets!)!

It's been a while: Discussion, anyone?

Do you believe that each of us has past lives, future lives? Why do you believe, one way or the other?

If we do have past lives, if we are to have lives in the future, can we know about them during this lifetime? How?

personal moment

*Note to self- There is a lot of living I have not been doing. Attend to that button.

Parker and I slept soundly from about 1am to about 10am. Didn't leave the bed till 11.

Last night, we released all tension with games of Inn Fighting and Munchkin. And sex. Not at the same time.

I've been walking often, and enjoying it muchly. I'm preparing for the Corporate Challenge (a 2 or 3 mile walk/run) which is coming up in June. I am proud of me for participating, and thankful to my employer who pays the entry fee for us.

Today: counseling, then furniture browsing, then Indiana Jones (with friends), then celebratory house-buying dinner.

Tomorrow: Home Inspection, additions: celebratory house-buying lunch, breaking into B5 Season 3

Monday: Relaxation and practical home organizing stuff.

I am so thankful for this 3 day weekend. I am also thankful for my new drugs, which are helping more than I ever could have imagined.

I am feeling very well.

May. 22nd, 2008



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